Need to order a cutting die, and not sure the steps to do so? Wondering how a die runs on press? We’ve got the answers. Our Insights provide market knowledge, cutting tips and recommendations to get the best cuts from your dies.



Folding Carton Die Cutting with Insignia Die Cutting Machine

Folding Carton Die Cutting with Insignia Die Cutting Machine

Flexible die technology has been in use on web presses for many years. Rotary die cutting has taken and altered the same cutting tools to work on a rotary magnetic cylinder system. Flexible dies are available in a variety of different hardnesses depending on the...

How To Win At the Digital Printing Game

How To Win At the Digital Printing Game

The Game Crafter (TGC) had built its business from a fledgling startup as a niche game builder to a powerhouse in the custom gaming industry.  TGC’s full-line catalog now contained foldable game boards, many sizes of cards, mats, tiles, packaging, and more. They also...



Ordering a customized rotary die can require a lot of detailed information. AtlasFlex makes the process easy. Start with our Rotary Die Buying Guide then consult with our team of experts to get a die that meets the exact requirements of your next project.

Use our 9-question ordering guide to gather the information needed to order your next Atlas Rotary Die.

  1. What kind of material will you be cutting  and how thick is it? (i.e. type of stock; face and liner thickness, etc.)
  2. Is the drawing (or CAD Layout)  printed view or die view?
  3. What press will you be using for diecutting? (press manufacturer / model)
  4. How do your dies mount in your press? (i.e. magnetic cylinder, Cito System, Quoins, furniture, screws w/T-nuts, etc.)
  5. If rotary cutting, what is the magnetic cylinder size? (repeat, gap, face width, etc.)
  6. What does the die cut to? (i.e. Liner-kiss cutting; mid-liner-Piggy Back; back liner-piggy back; metal to metal-thru cut; back cut to face)
  7. What is the TPI for perforation? (i.e. cut size and tie size; microperf size)
  8. Do you require any surface treatment on the die? (i.e. 801-B, PTFE, Chrome, hard coat)
  9. If known, what die height is requested?


Need assistance? Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll help you find the exact requirements to your project.